The DHC-7 Dash Seven Story

De Havilland Canada designed a niche airliner in the 1970s, which became known as the ” Dash 7″. The DHC-7 was a four-engined turboprop airliner with seating for approximately 50 passengers, give or take a couple depending upon the variant. Instead of relying on speed, the Dash 7 relied on excellent STOL capabilities and less noise (when compared to its competitors like the Fokker 27, Hawker Siddeley 748 and Convair 580/600)to make a business case. Excellent performance at high-altitude airports was another selling point. The first flight of the Dash 7 prototype took place on March 27, 1975. Development went … Continue reading The DHC-7 Dash Seven Story


Report and photos by Ken Kula Here’s a look back at civil aviation before the so-called COVID Pandemic of 2019. I took a trip in August 2018 to Warsaw and Radom, Poland, beginning and ending at Boston’s Logan Airport. I flew on SAS Airlines between Boston and Copenhagen on an Airbus A-330-300, and on to Warsaw on an Air Nostrum CRJ-1000. I took the trains between Warsaw and Radom both days. From Warsaw to Copenhagen I flew on a LOT Embraer E-195 and from Copenhagen to Boston again on a SAS Airbus A-330-300. Quite a satisfying trip! My only regret … Continue reading KBOS to EPWA Trip