The DHC-7 Dash Seven Story

De Havilland Canada designed a niche airliner in the 1970s, which became known as the ” Dash 7″. The DHC-7 was a four-engined turboprop airliner with seating for approximately 50 passengers, give or take a couple depending upon the variant. Instead of relying on speed, the Dash 7 relied on excellent STOL capabilities and less noise (when compared to its competitors like the Fokker 27, Hawker Siddeley 748 and Convair 580/600)to make a business case. Excellent performance at high-altitude airports was another selling point. The first flight of the Dash 7 prototype took place on March 27, 1975. Development went … Continue reading The DHC-7 Dash Seven Story


BY: SCOTT JANKOWSKI This past October I spent a beautiful Sunday Fall afternoon spotting at the primary observation area at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. This viewing area is located at the end of Cargo Road and is adjacent to the intersections of Runways 12R-30L and 22-4. This centrally located viewing area is best for photography in the afternoon and evening hours as the sun will be at your back, but a word of caution heat haze can be an issue. There is ample parking available, a few picnic tables and benches to sit at, and of course great … Continue reading SPOTTING AT MINNEAPOLIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT