Report and photos by Ken Kula

Here’s a look back at civil aviation before the so-called COVID Pandemic of 2019. I took a trip in August 2018 to Warsaw and Radom, Poland, beginning and ending at Boston’s Logan Airport.

I flew on SAS Airlines between Boston and Copenhagen on an Airbus A-330-300, and on to Warsaw on an Air Nostrum CRJ-1000. I took the trains between Warsaw and Radom both days. From Warsaw to Copenhagen I flew on a LOT Embraer E-195 and from Copenhagen to Boston again on a SAS Airbus A-330-300. Quite a satisfying trip! My only regret was not to have made a 4 – minute detour to photograph an Aeroflot SU-95 just a few gates in the opposite direction from my Warsaw customs check and train connections (which were running tight). These photos were first printed in CivilAviationWorld.com in 2018.

Boston August 23, 2018:

Copenhagen, Denmark August 24, 2018:

Warsaw Chopin, Poland on August 24, 2018:

Radom, Poland Airport and Air Show August 24 and 25, 2018:

Warsaw Chopin Airport, August 26, 2019:

Copenhagen, Denmark, August 26, 2018:

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