N500WR, An 8 year old Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-8H4, MSN 36898 is seen painted in “Freedom One” colors lands on runway 19R at Milwaukee on 1-11-22.
CC-BGE, A 7-year-old LATAM Airlines Boeing 787-9 MSN 38478 is seen pushed back from the gate at Miami Florida on 3-8-17.

UR-82027, A 32-year-old Antonov Design Bureau Antonov AN-124-100 MSN 19530502288 rolls out on runway 7 at Rockford on 1-15-17.

A Delta Airlines Airbus A350-359 caught overhead Milwaukee on a cold March 17th 2018 afternoon.

N757HW, A 40-year-old Honeywell Aerospace Boeing 757-225 MSN 22194 departs runway 18 at Oshkosh on 7-24-18.
NC17334, A 85-year-old American Airlines Douglas DC-3 serial # 1920 is seen wearing American Airlines retro colors under a menacing Oshkosh sky on 37-26-17.
N782SP, A 55-year-old McDonnell Douglas DC8-72CF S/N 46013 operated By Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse departs runway 36 at Oshkosh on 7-29-21.
N131FL, A 68-year-old IFL Airways Convair 580 serial # 155 is seen on the Pontiac Michigan ramp on 8-31-17.
G-XLEE, A 9-year-old British Airways Airbus A380-841 MSN 148 arrives at Chicago O’Hare’s runway 28C on 6-23-18.
N36272, A 21-year-old United Airlines Boeing 737-824 MSN 31590 is seen painted in the Star Wars Rise of Skywalker colors taxis at Milwaukee on 8-21-21.
N174UA, A 32-year-old United Airlines Boeing 747-422 MSN 24881 departs runway 28 at Chicago O’Hare on 7-18-15
N475UA, A 21-year-old United Airlines Airbus A320-232 MSN 1495 is seen wearing the Stars and Bars retro colors taxis at Milwaukee on 6-23-19.
G-ZBKK, A 6-year-old British Airways Boeing 787-9 MSN 38627 arrives at sunset at Chicago O’Hare Airport’s runway 10C on 9-8-21.
N453PA, A 21-year-old Polar Air Cargo Boeing 747-46NF MSN 30811 wearing DHL colors turns off runway 28C at Chicago O’Hare on 10-29-17.
TC-ACF, A 29 year old Air Act Cargo Boeing 747-481 (BDSF) MSN 25645, makes a dramatic arrival on runway 25 at Rockford on 12-15-21.

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