IAC Chapter 35 Event at Concord, New Hampshire

Saturday June 25, 2022 was warm and clear in Concord, New Hampshire, a perfect day to take in some aviation sights and sounds at the Concord Municipal Airport (KCON). The International Aerobatic Club’s Chapter 35, also known as the New England Aerobatic Club, met to fly aerobatic routines and join in a noontime BBQ too.

A diverse group of aerobatic aircraft were assembled on the ground during the early afternoon, as one or two aircraft departed at a time to use the aerobatic box – a well-defined block of airspace southeast of the runways – and show off their flying skills.

Although quite distant from the runway when compared to an air show’s airspace, then revving engines and twisting, tuning aircraft could still be seen clearly.  Midway through the early afternoon a pair of motorized gliders departed to points north.

Here are a few photos from the day, it was a great way to get up close and personal with some of the pilots and their aerial mounts. Another chance to see aerobatics this year will be Chapter 35’s Green Mountain Aerobatics Contest the weekend of July 15-17th 2022.  Click on this link:  https://iac35.aerobaticsweb.org/GMAC2022.html for details of the 2022 GMAC event.

Cessna 172P Skyhawk, parked on the KCON ramp

Chapman Z-200 Lazer

Christen Eagle II, first registered in 1986, built by Wallace Murfit

Extra EA-300

Extra EA-300SC

Extra EA-330LT

Extra EA-330LX

Extra EA-300L in the old Northern Lights Aerobatic Team’s colors. The aircraft was built in 2000.

Piper J-3-65 Cub – the registration number is misleading until one looks it up… N37602 is a 1946 Cub, but the registration NX37602 was worn by Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose, which flew once in 1947. This one is in a hangar in KCON

Mooney 205SE, parked on the KCON ramp

Aerotek Pitts S-1S Special built in 1976

Pitts S-1T, built in 1986

Scheicher ASG-32 MI Motorglider, one of two that departed during the afternoon

Sukhoi SU-26MX, this aircraft is the first airframe of this model built in 1990

Tecnam Astore, a Light Sport aerobatic-capable airplane that wasn’t parked with the others while I attended the event, but it flew during the day.

Alisport SRL Silent-IN motorglider, which departed KCON during the early afternoon

What a great group of aerobats, be sure to attend an air show or competition to see another cross-section of the wide world of aviation!